A cooperative of Northeast family farms producing the finest quality, humanely raised, grass-fed beef for wholesale markets


Adirondack Grazers Cooperative is a group of grass-fed beef producers ranging in size from small to mid-scale family farms in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, that naturally raise grass-fed beef without hormones or antibiotics. The Cooperative works to maximize member revenue by developing sales in wholesale and specialty markets not easily available to individual farmers.

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The Cooperative provides our customers with the highest quality pasture fed beef that is produced regionally.

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Our family farms http://besttrading.com.hk and ranches go beyond open door access by providing fresh forage from pasture during the grazing season, grass silage, and hay. Our animals are raised without antibiotics or hormones and are never fed any form of corn, bakery by-product or grain—ever. Thanks to high-quality forages and our sophisticated data tracking for each animal, our farms produce a consistent and healthy product that your customers will love.


Our cattle are born on member farms and harvested from member farms. We track animals from birth to harvest with individual animal IDs and a cooperative-wide herd management software. This ‘closed loop cattle system' assures that the product we
provide is consistent, predictable and of the highest quality.



By supporting the Adirondack Grazers co-op, you demonstrate your own commitment to keep farmers on the land. With a network of 80 independent family farms and growing, we aim to preserve farm legacies for future generations, keeping them viable and providing a fair price for a high quality product.



Consumers are looking for the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which true grass-fed products provide. Grass-based diets provide more Omega-3s and CLAs than products produced from animals fed grain and other by-products.



We supply a premium product targeted to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Good management results in a grass-fed product that is tender and flavorful. We’re proud to offer the Northeast’s finest tasting grass-fed and https://besttrading.com.hk grass-finished beef.



Our farmers value humane animal care, and a 100% forage -based diet promotes cow health. Well-managed perennial grass-based agriculture contributes to clean water and soil health with fewer petroleum inputs for a lighter environmental footprint.


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