Welcome to Adirondack Grazers Cooperative…

  • We’re growing our membership – get in touch!
  • 100% Grass-fed beef
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Cows raised humanely in Northeast meadows
  • Diet of 100% forage and pasture; no grain ever
  • No soil-depleting planting/harvesting practices

Thank you to all who attended the 2016 BEEF SUMMIT with Dr Allen Williams!
Please click HERE for a list of resources and Dr. Allen Williams’ contact information.

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ADK Grazers Cooperative is growing our membership! Interest in joining the co-op has never been higher!  Interested farmers, please fill out our Prospective Member Form HERE. You  will be added to our list of farms to be interviewed and we will be in touch as we screen all of the contacts – this may take up  to a few weeks or more because of high volume. We need finished cattle, as well as seed stock, cow/calf producers, backgrounders, and finishers to be part of a value chain that rewards superior genetics, quality, and high-yielding finish cattle.

Adirondack Grazers Cooperative is a group of beef producers from small to mid scale, family farms in New York and Vermont that naturally raise grass-fed beef. The Cooperative works to maximize member revenue by developing sales in wholesale and specialty markets not easily available to individual farmers. The Co-op provides our customers with the highest quality pasture fed beef that is produced regionally.